Photo: Joze Suhadolnik

Acoustic performance
Gallus Hall, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Recorded live on January 27th 2014 by RTV Slovenia

In 2013, Silence and the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra decided to mark the first anniversary of the Concert for the End of the World by reprising the joint performance.

The reprise would become Silence's biggest and most elaborate performance to date. Attended by nearly 1400 survivors, the First End of the World Survivors Meeting featured 90 minutes of orchestral music, monumental visuals (generated live by Izland), a post-apocalyptic tap dancer (Mitja Popovski) and four deliciously gossipy rats with a soft spot for Samuel Beckett (Beton Ltd.).

Once again, Silence performed with pianist Igor Vicentic, conductor Tomislav Facini and the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. Four additional songs (Vihar, vihar, Silver Bloom, Runalong and Kraljestvo macjih oci) were orchestrated for the occasion.

The concert was broadcast live by the Val 202 radio station. It was also filmed and broadcast by the Slovene National Television.

Watch the concert

01 Hunger
02 Sing
03 Silkskin
04 Pioneers of Nothing
05 Naïf
06 Sturmschlager
07 Electricity
08 Wish Me Well, Wish Me Hell
09 Heart of Darkness
10 Death is New York
11 Concert for Guillotine and Tired History
12 Butoh-Baroque / The True Nature of Happiness
13 Vihar, vihar
13 Silver Bloom
14 Runalong
15 Skin


16 Kraljestvo macjih oci
17 Fever
18 Heart of Darkness

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