Branko Šturbej as Richard III. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj

Produced by SNG Drama Ljubljana
Directed by Tomaž Pandur
Opening night: April 5th 2014
More info: (in Slovene and English)

The ninth collaboration between director Tomaž Pandur and Silence combines dialogues and characters from different plays by William Shakespeare. The play's unorthodox, masterfully executed concept results in a spellbinding showdown between four famous monarchs: Richard III+II, Henry IV and Edward IV.

The score's regal grandeur and elegance are deliberately stinted, fragmentary. Strewn with long pauses, the music reflects what we're witnessing on stage: gaping cracks on a grand facade. The score is based on pianos (performed by Hladnik) and cellos (performed by Dragan Đorđević).

01 Winter of Discontent
02 Triumph of the Will
03 Eight and a Half Accents

04 Richard After Richard
05 Hand-in-hand to Hell

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