Gašper Tič and Sebastian Cavazza. Photo: Peter Uhan

Theatre play
Produced by Imaginarni and the Ljubljana City Theatre
Directed by Primož Ekart
Opening night: April 21st 2010
More info: (in Slovene and English)

Pooch, Pussy & Poof, the fourth collaboration between Silence and Primož Ekart's Imaginarni production house, is an incisive staging of Gregor Fon's dramatic piece. The play portrays the reunion of three old friends. The festive mood is cut short as old disagreements begin to surface.

The music corresponds to the minimalistic style defined in Ekart's and Silence's previous collaborations. The score consists of delicate piano pieces and heavily distorted variations of the themes.

01 Maša 1-3
04 Distorsion Variations 1-4
08 Closing Theme

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