Nika Rozman and Gregor Gruden. Photo: Peter Uhan

Theatre play
Produced by Imaginarni and the Ljubljana City Theatre
Directed by Primož Ekart
Opening night: September 24th 2011
More info: (in Slovene and English)

Oxygen, the first Slovene staging of Ivan Vyrypayev's same-titled drama, is a pitiless portrait of a young, hapless Russian couple. Sasha and Sasha are in desperate pursuit of something genuine, untainted; of oxygen referred to in the title. The play features powerhouse performances by actors Nika Rozman and Gregor Gruden. In the wake of the London riots, Ekart's staging transcends its Russian setting; it becomes an allegory of widespread social disintegration, a disquieting reminder of the growing discontent of a futureless generation.

The fourth collaboration between director Primož Ekart and Silence features one song, Kisik; a wistful, elegiac number in Slovene.

Listen to Kisik

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