Primoz Bezjak as Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Photo: Ziga Koritnik

Theatre play
Produced by Mladinsko Theatre
Directed by Matjaz Pograjc
Opening night: December 11th 2009
More info: (in Slovene)

Peklenska pomaranca (A Clockwork Orange), Matjaz Pograjc's staging of Anthony Burgess' celebrated novel, marks the 12th collaboration between the director and Silence. The play is Pograjc at his best - a homogenous conglomerate of numerous genres (musical, comedy, contemporary dance, theatre of the absurd, puppetry ...), seriously wacky and humorously profound.

The play's soundtrack features music by Beethoven and approximately 30 minutes of original music written by Silence. The latter consists of five instrumentals and five songs performed by the play's cast (Damjana Cerne, Marusa Geymayer-Oblak, Uros Kaurin, Ivan Peternelj, Ivan Rupnik, Blaz Sef and Natasa Zivkovic). A Clockwork Orange is one of Silence's most playful electronic scores to date, strewn with countless references to various electronic artists and genres (New Romanticism, Italo Disco, Electropunk, Serge Gainsbourg, Wendy Carlos' synthesized Bach ...). Work on the soundtrack stretched from October to December 2009. Silence wrote, recorded and produced the music in Daily Girl, the duet's studio.

01 Minister (The Minister)
02 Minister - repriza (The Minister - Reprise)
03 Zdravljica (A Toast)
04 Disciplina (Discipline)
05 Svoboda (Freedom)
06 Oda radosti (Ode to Joy)

01 Mars (The March)
02 Megla (The Mist)
03 Valcek (The Waltz)
04 Serge
05 Spet doma (Home Again)

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