Photo: Tina Ruisinger

Contemporary dance performance / play
Produced by Bunker Productions
Directed by Matjaz Pograjc
Opening night: October 19th 2000

Midnight Meat Flight, the first collaboration between director Matjaz Pograjc and Silence, marks the onset of Silence's involvement in theatre. Not only does the play feature Silence's very first theatre score, it also represents Hladnik's and Benko's acting debut. Silence played the ruthless hosts of a macabre dance marathon in which refugees from Eastern Europe competed for a one-way ticket to the promised land - the West. The play, an uncompromising portrait of human ferocity, was based on two classic pictures: Michael Curtiz's Casablanca and Sydney Pollack's They Shoot Horses, Don't They?.

The soundtrack featured eight songs from Silence's first and second album, rearranged for the occasion. The score also featured a cover version of Prince's classic hit When Doves Cry.

01 The Player
02 The 5th Elephant
03 God Forsaken Country
04 Drive
05 La Troia
06 Neglected
07 Son of Sin
08 When Doves Cry
09 P. S.

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