Jure Henigman as Siward. Photo: Peter Giodani

Theatre play
Produced by Ljubljana City Theatre
Directed by Aleksandar Popovski
Opening night: February 6th 2016
More info: www.mgl.si (in Slovene)

David Greig's Dunsinane begins where William Shakespeare's Macbeth ends. The English army storms the Scottish court, topples the king, and installs a puppet ruler. However, the ensuing peacetime proves far more perilous than the blitz. Little by little, the occupiers find themselves unable to handle Scotland's internal strife, alien mentality, and baffling customs. Dunsinane, a brilliant allegory of ongoing military interventions in the Middle East, marks the fourth collaboration between director Aleksandar Popovski and Silence.

The score highlights the play's perennial topicality. In order to achieve a timeless, universal feel, the duet fused diverse elements: historical instruments (harpsichord, viol), synthesizers, Arabic-tinted vocals ...The score was written and produced in December 2015 and January 2016 at Daily Girl, Silence's private production facility.

01 Man-at-arms
02 Dunsinane Hill
03 The Storming of Dunsinane
04 Siward
05 Siward / Variation
06 Gruach
07 Gruach / Variation #1
08 Gruach / Variation #2
09 Gruach / Variation #3
10 The Conqueror and the Conquered

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