Contemporary dance performance / theatre play
Produced by Bunker Productions
Directed by Matjaz Pograjc
Opening night: January 4th 2004
More info: www.bunker.si (in Slovene and English)

"Weird, funny, visceral, squirm-inducing art ...", "Number 3 on the Top 10 list of dance performances of 2006." Janice Steinberg

Wrestling Dostoievsky marks the third collaboration between Matjaz Pograjc's acclaimed dance company and Silence. The play, inspired by Dostoievsky's Crime and Punishment, dissects the causes and effects of murder.

The soundtrack, written and produced by Silence, features 50 minutes of music that ranges from intimate piano pieces to elaborate orchestral compositions. In order to emphasize the dualistic nature of the protagonist (a mesmerizing Raskolnikoff interpreted by Primoz Bezjak), the duet utilized unconventional production techniques. Using the two halves of the stereo sound system separately - as two autonomous mono systems - certain tracks became literally split in two. In a few words, Wrestling Dostoievsky is an intimate classical experience spiced with unorthodox technical solutions.

In 2004, Chrom Records and Matrix Musik released Silence's third album, Vain, a Tribute to a Ghost. The album features three tracks from Wrestling Dostoievsky: Runalong - Acoustic Version, Murder and Mr. Goodwrong. In 2006, Accession Records released Key Silence - a 2CD anthology containing a selection of pivotal Silence tracks. The record features a previously unreleased track from the play: Piano Theme #3.

01 Piano Theme #1
02 Piano Theme #2
03 Piano Theme #3
04 Murder (acoustic version)
05 Runalong (acoustic version)
06 Strange In A Strange Way (acoustic version)
07 Strings
08 Murder (choir version)
09 Dawn
10 Murder
11 Mr. Goodwrong

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