Yuka Hyodo in Audition for Life. Photo: Urška Boljkovac

Contemporary dance performance / theatre play
Produced by Bunker Productions
Directed by Matjaž Pograjc and Masahiro Kinoshita
Opening night: June 8th 2012
More info: www.bunker.si (in Slovene and English)

"Such co-productions are arguably the future of international theatre." Večer, Slovenia


In an odd twist of fate, Silence found themselves coordinating the release of their latest album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World, from Japan - a country that was, at the time, still reeling from what can only be described as the closest equivalent to a biblical apocalypse: the 2011Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and the ensuing Fukushima nuclear disaster. The reason for Silence's four-week stay in Osaka and Tokyo was Audition for Life, a joint effort between Betontanc, Matjaž Pograjc's renowned physical theatre ensemble, and Original Tempo, a virtuosic multimedia group led by Masahiro Kinoshita. Based on The Spider's Thread, a short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Audition for Life examines the value of a single good deed.

The music, written by Silence, is performed live by Marko Brdnik (accordion), Katsunori Takayama (guitars, ukulele) and the duet. Aside from numerous variations on the score's pentatonic theme (evocative of Japanese traditional music), the score also features adaptations of Wish Me Well, Wish Me Hell and Pioneers of Nothing from Silence's aforementioned new album. During the play's finale, Benko tackles Japanese for the second time since the 2005 Nippon.

01 Lotus Flower / Wish Me Well, Wish Me Hell
02 The Swans
03 The King's Dance / Pioneers of Nothing
04 Kandata the Assassin
05 A Moment's Song
06 - 11 Variety Show Numbers
12 The Spider's Thread
13 Tayu Tayu To Yurete

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