Mute Records / EMI, 2008
Features material composed,
produced and performed by Silence


"This is an absolute must as companion to the ‘Volk’ album, thanks to the stage presence of the band, the power of the live delivery, and the enhancement of the content and message via video screening. Laibach's gesamtkunstwerk still proves totally unique and constantly evolving ... Japan's anthem, sung by Boris Benko, is still the highlight - absolutely breathtaking and Laibach's most musical moment ever." Terrorizer

In June 2008, Laibach released the recording of their March 24th 2007 concert in Trbovlje (SLO) - the band's birthplace - on DVD. The release features the entire Volk repertoire, written and produced by Silence, performed live by Laibach and Silence. Hladnik - who was part of the entire Volk tour - plays the keyboards, whilst Benko performs Nippon and Slovania as special guest. As a bonus, the DVD offers a collection of some of the most relevant screens that were projected during the show, animated stories of some of the most important songs. The Laibach music videos associated with Volk are part of the content too. The project ends with a tour medley, a short video commentary as a souvenir from some of the places where Laibach have toured with Volk.

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