Music from the contemporary ballet piece
Veronika Decides ...
Slovene National Theatre Opera
and Ballet Ljubljana, 2005
Produced by Silence

01 Lagrimae
02 Respirator Dance
03 Veronika Decides to Die
04 Vitriol
05 Uccello's Clock
06 Both Feet in Hell
07 Present, Unexistent
08 Veronika
09 The Well of Madness
10 Playing for Edvard
11 An Impossible Love
12 Veronika - End Score



"If Veronika would've heard this soundtrack, she might have decided to ... dance"

Maja Pertic, Primorske novice
"Top class and virtuosic"
Rok Vevar, Delo

In July 2004, Silence received a commission to write the score for a contemporary ballet based on Paulo Coelho's bestselling novel Veronika Decides to Die.

The protagonist of Coelho's novel is a young woman from Ljubljana (the capital of Silence's homeland, Slovenia) who, after a failed suicide attempt, discovers beauty and love in the strangest of places; the local sanatorium. In the words of Gagik Ismailian, the director of the piece: "Coelho's novel is about those who do not fit into patterns considered normal by the society. It is about madness and the need to find an alternative way of living for people who frequently have to face other people's prejudices just because they think in a different way."

The ballet, produced by the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, occupied most of Silence's time during the following nine months. Epic in scale (22 international dancers, lavish costumes designed by Alan Hranitelj, an elaborate stage conceived by Matej Filipcic ...), the piece required 80 minutes of original music ranging from intimate miniatures to complex orchestral compositions.

Despite the introspective nature of Coelho's book, Veronika Decides ... was first of all a dance piece. As such, it required intensely rhythmic music. The score was therefore based on rough electronic beats and distorted synthesizer sounds. The latter were in turn contrasted by lyrical strings and pianos. In order to emphasize the universality of Veronika's predicament, Silence decided to record the vocals in an imaginary language composed of words taken from various (living and dead) languages. The soundtrack was written, produced, recorded and mixed between July 2004 and March 2005 in Silence's private production facility, the Daily Girl studio.

The score was released by the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana on March 17th 2005.

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