Matrix Musik & Chrom Records, 2004
Produced by Silence
Tracks 4 and 11 produced by
Peter Penko and Silence

01 Skin
02 Hall of Mirrors (feat. Anne Clark)
03 Baby
04 Belief
05 Surrender
06 Someone Else's Song
07 She Alone
08 Runalong
09 The Rise & Fall of the American Empire
10 Pitaju me pitaju
11 Favourite Routine
12 Mr. Goodwrong
13 Silver Bloom
14 Murder
15 Runalong - Acoustic Version


Photo: Joze Suhadolnik

With their fourth studio album, Silence became part of the legend surrounding Matej Smolnik a.k.a. Vain, a promising young artist whose sudden death in 1998 - a death that remains shrouded in mystery - unveiled a unique musical legacy, as well as an assorted collection of prose and drawings.

The connection between Vain and Silence is apparent and yet difficult to pinpoint. They share many things: bits and pieces of their past, certain aspects of their personalities and, most importantly, their work. It is impossible to draw a clear line between Vain and Silence, as it is impossible to distinguish between myth and reality.

The music, a combination of electronic beats and acoustic elements - ranging from classical string arrangements to exotic instruments (santur, koto, valiha ...) - is where Vain and Silence are one: uncompromising and undeterred by the stifling demands of the music business. As Vain once wrote in his diary: "The trouble with music is that it often deals with listeners."

The album was released in October 2004 by Matrix Musik and Chrom Records.

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