Chrom Records, 1999
Produced by Peter Penko
Tracks 8, 9 and 12 produced by
Gregor Zemljic and Miha Klemencic

01 Son of Sin
02 Drive
03 Scream, Greeneyes
04 Etwas
05 The 5th Elephant
06 Barbara
07 God Forsaken Country
08 Heavy Straighter
09 Nevermind the Bastard
10 4-2
11 P.S.
(12 Tschudno)


The duet's second album was a radical departure from the amiable electro-pop of Ma non troppo. This intense, unruly, tumultuous record - laden with distorted synthesizers, digital noise and electric guitars - is Silence's grittiest, angriest work to date.

The making of the album introduced considerable changes to Silence's usual methodology. Normally, the duet avoids venturing into the studio before wrapping up the songwriting process. In this case, however, Silence entered the studio with nothing more than sketches. The latter were then gradually moulded into fully-fledged songs. The duet was thus able to merge the songwriting and production processes and achieve a greater amount of spontaneity.

Unlike a Virgin revealed Silence's proclivity for experimentation. It also introduced one of Silence's key traits: the duet's knack for eluding straightforward categorizations.

The title of the album, an allusion to Madonna's 1984 album and single, was concocted by Benko's father, Bogdan. The latter is also responsible for the title of the duet's debut. After listening to Ma non troppo for the first time, he uttered: "Silence ... ma non troppo" (Silence ... but not too much)

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