Double album with music from Tomaz Pandur's plays Baroque and Caligula
The Pekinpah Association, 2008

Table of contents:
Press Release
The Plays
CD1 - Baroque
CD2 - Caligula


On Sep 1st 2008, the Pekinpah Association released The Passion of the Cold, a double album with music from (or inspired by) Tomaz Pandur’s plays Barroco and Kaligula.

The album, printed as a lush, hard-cover book, contains 32 pages of play-related texts (including forewords written by Benko), lyrics and photographs, as well as two CD's with 30 previously unreleased tracks. The book is in English. The album, a limited edition consisting of 500 nubered and hand-signed copies, is available exclusively from this site - see Store.

The album, Silence’s first venture into the realm of classical music, can be perceived - in the light of the 2006 anthology Key Silence - as a symbolic break with the duet’s previous works. Nevertheless, at closer inspection, the record reveals all the characteristics - the idiosyncratic melodies and distinguishing vocals - that listeners have come to expect from Silence.

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