Music from Betontanc's same-titled play
Nika Records, 2003
Produced by Silence
Tracks 10, 11, 12 and 15
produced by Silence and Peter Penko


01 The Chant
02 Rose
03 The Housekeeper
04 The Weight of the Walls
05 Unlikely Assassins
06 A Threat from Below
07 Intruders
08 The Seesaw Room
09 Cockroaches!
10 Killer Hip-Hop
11 La FĂȘte
12 Mr. Hudd Refuses to Sit
13 Violence
14 Bone Dance
15 The Chant - Reprise (feat. Andja Maric)


Betontanc's ninth play, inspired by the work of Harold Pinter, took place in a macabre room that appeared to have a life of its own. Constantly swinging like a giant seesaw, the hostile room deprived the actors / performers of what we all take for granted: the firm ground beneath our feet. The remarkable stage (conceived by scenographer Sandi Mikluz) provided the perfect setting for the exceptional mastery of the Betontanc dance company; a setting in which one is forced to bend and occasionally break the law of gravity in order to survive.

The music is predominantly electronic. In order to capture the play's claustrophobic, unhinged feel, the duet used a wide array of radically down-pitched synthesizer bells. Maison is Silence's first self-produced album. The record was written and programmed in the duet's private studio, The Daily Girl. All acoustic elements (vocals and strings) were recorded by Peter Penko at Raingarden 9. While undoubtedly intense and dark, the score is primarily defined by its unbounded experimentalism and kooky humor.

Maison des rendez-vous was released by Nika Records on April 16th 2003.

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