LJUBEZEN NA SMRT (Love Unto Death)
Music from Matjaz Pograjc's same-titled
play / banquet / musical
Slovensko mladinsko gledalisce, 2007
Produced by Blaz Celarec and Silence


01 Pogreb
02 Prvi vecer
03 Svoj ud polozim ...
04 Ikarova tozba
05 Pesem z najvisjega stolpa
06 Kje naj smrt odlozi moje srce?
07 Abel in Kajn
08 Jetniska balada iz Readinga
09 Lepa mladost
10 Metamorfoze vampirja
11 Nocna romanca
12 Annabel Lee
13 Mesecna romanca
14 Demoni mest
15 Omamljajte se


Photo: Ziga Koritnik

Ljubezen na smrt - Koncert za kuharja, 6 vajencev in 3 pomivalce (Love Unto Death - Concert for a Cook, 6 Apprentices and 3 Dish-washers), - the 9th collaboration between director Matjaz Pograjc and Silence - is a peculiar concoction of theatre, cuisine, poetry and music. The play's versatile cast acts, prepares a selection of delicious specialities under the supervision of chef Danilo Ivanusa and performs live - in pure musical style - fifteen songs written by Silence and eleven renowned poets. All of which simultaneously.

The performance takes place in what can only be described as a twisted Sushi-bar (conceived by scenographer Sandi Mikluz). A new dish is prepared during each song and placed on a conveyor belt circling among the viewers. Due to the limited amount of food produced by the cast, only 78 viewers are admitted per play.

The play's unorthodox concept proved a success. Ljubezen na smrt opened on April 12th 2007 and is still going strong. According to Delo (Slovenia), Ljubezen na smrt is "... an unusual, original and mature theatre play ... like every true work of art, it gives rise to numerous unpleasant questions."

Ivan Rupnik and Neda R. Bric. Photo: Ziga Koritnik

In March 2007, Silence set to music fifteen poems written by predominantly expressionist and symbolist poets (Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Georges Bataille, Charles Baudelaire, Else Lasker-Schüler, Oscar Wilde, Gottfried Benn, Georg Trakl, Edgar Allan Poe, Federico García Lorca and Georg Heym). All poems share the subjects of love and death or, better yet, the undeniable relation between the two. The poems also share an unsettling, yet delightfully irresistible directness. They are humorous, cynical, morbid, perverse, shrewd, uncanny - not to mention completely nuts - and will undoubtedly shatter any preconceptions you may have about poetry. Here's a sample - Gottfried Benn's A Fine Childhood:

The mouth of a girl who had long lain in the reeds
looked so chewed up.
When we broke open the torso, the esophagus was so full of holes.
Finally in a bower under the diaphragm
we found a nest of young rats.
One little sister rat lay dead.
The others were living off liver and kidney,
drinking the cold blood and enjoying
a fine childhood.
And fine and fast was their death too:
we threw the whole bunch into water.
Oh, how those little snouts squeaked!

The album, produced and mixed by Blaz Celarec and Silence, was recorded in April 2007 at studio Jork. The songs are sung by the play's cast (Neda R. Bric, Marusa Geymayer-Oblak, Branko Jordan, Janja Majzelj, Ivan Peternelj and Ivan Rupnik) and performed by three remarkable musicians - Blaz Celarec (drums, percussion, clarinet), Ziga Golob (double bass, steel guitar, ukulele, singing saw) and Joze Salej (upright piano). As each song is realized in a different style, the soundtrack's most distinguishing feature is - beyond doubt - its surprising diversity. Even a shred of Russian Orthodox church music can be found amidst the soundtrack's extensive list of seemingly incompatible genres: country, samba, blues, cabaret ... Another peculiarity: Ljubezen na smrt is Silence's first album in Slovene, the duet's mother-tongue.

The score was released by the Mladinsko Theatre on December 11th 2007.

Listen to Nocna romanca (Romance in the Night)

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