2CD Anthology / Rarities Collection
Accession Records, 2006

Table of contents:
Press Release
CD1 - Anthology
CD2 - Rarities


Photo: Joze Suhadolnik

On April 14th 2006, Accession Records released Key Silence, a 2CD box containing a selection of pivotal Silence tracks (all digitally re-mastered), as well as 10 previously unreleased tracks. The record is the duet's first release since signing to Accession Records in November 2005.

The first CD, entitled Anthology, features Benko's and Hladnik's selection of 13 quintessential Silence songs. Tracing the duet's evolution from its 1997 debut album, Ma Non Troppo, to the critically acclaimed Veronika soundtrack, the record focuses on what Benko lovingly describes as the band's "less faulty tracks and most interesting failures". CD1 also features Ernst Horn's remarkable remix of Scream, Greeneyes and a previously unreleased live version of The 5th Elephant, recorded during one of the band's most memorable performances - the 2004 Vain Tribute concert at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

The second CD, entitled Rarities, is a regular collector's item. Apart from 9 previously unreleased tracks - archival recordings, experiments, theatre pieces - the disc also contains one brand new track, comprised exclusively of vocals: Talkshow. CD2 also contains a new, instrumental version of God Forsaken Country, performed by the Rozmarinke string quartet. The new version was originally released on Rozmarinke's eponymous 2004 debut album and was, until now, available only in Slovenia.

Ranging from the immaculate electro-pop of Kraljestvo macjih oci to the ethnic sounds of Lagrimae, from the playful, cabaret-like The Last Dance to the orchestral grandeur of Der Untergang, Key Silence represents the ultimate testament to the band's stylistic eclecticism and artistic potential. Whether you are trying to complete your Silence collection or looking for a comprehensive introduction to the band's extensive body of work, Key Silence is the perfect choice.

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