HELIUM VOLA - Für Euch, die Ihr Liebt
Chrom Records, 2009

Ernst Horn (prime mover of Deine Lakaien and Helium Vola, founder of Qntal) and Silence have collaborated thrice so far. In 1999, Horn remixed Scream, Greeneyes, a track from Silence's second album, Unlike a Virgin. The remix was released on the Son Of Sin Maxi Single. In 2000, Benko performed The Cliffs Of Norway, a haunting piece written by Horn for the Subout compilation. The last cooperation took place in 2009. This time, Benko interpreted Escoutatz and Darkness, Darkness, two songs from Helium Vola's third album, Für Euch, die Ihr Liebt.

More information: www.helium-vola.de (in German and English)
Listen to Darkness, Darkness and Escoutatz

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