Artists with whom, through numerous collaborations, Silence established an ongoing personal and professional relationship.


Primož Ekart (Actor, theatre director, producer)
Luka Jamnik (Keyboards)
Tomaž Pandur (Theatre director, producer)
Peter Penko (Music producer)
Matjaž Pograjc (Theatre director)
Aleksandar Popovski (Theatre and film director)
Luka Šalehar (Drummer)
Igor Vićentić (Pianist)
Sašo Vollmaier (Pianist)

Gregor Zemljič (Music producer and sound engineer)



Sašo Vollmaier (1982), pianist. Graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in 2008. Regular collaborator of Laibach. After completing his studies, Vollmaier moved to Paris, where he collaborated with Pantheatre, a nonprofit organizational umbrella for the artistic projects of directors Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise. Vollmaier's accomplishments include theatre and cartoon scores, as well as arrangements for choirs and military orchestras.

Together with Igor Vićentić, Vollmaier performed the pianos on Silence's 2012 album Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World.