Artists with whom, through numerous collaborations, Silence established an ongoing personal and professional relationship.


Primož Ekart (Actor, theatre director, producer)
Luka Jamnik (Keyboards)
Tomaž Pandur (Theatre director, producer)
Peter Penko (Music producer)
Matjaž Pograjc (Theatre director)
Aleksandar Popovski (Theatre and film director)
Luka Šalehar (Drummer)
Igor Vićentić (Pianist)
Sašo Vollmaier (Pianist)

Gregor Zemljič (Music producer and sound engineer)



Aleksandar Popovski (1969), theatre and film director. Popovski began his theatre career in 1992 and has since built up an imposing oeuvre. The latter includes more than 60 zestful, remarkably idiosyncratic plays. He's regularly commissioned by theatres in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Popovski has also directed three feature films; A Lighter Shade of Grey (1993), Goodbye, 20th Century (1998) and Balkan is Not Dead (2012).

Silence have scored four plays by Popovski: Metamorphoses (2010), To Damascus (2010), Twelfth Night; or, What You Will (2012) and Dunsinane (2016).