Artists with whom, through numerous collaborations, Silence established an ongoing personal and professional relationship.


Primož Ekart (Actor, theatre director, producer)
Luka Jamnik (Keyboards)
Tomaž Pandur (Theatre director, producer)
Peter Penko (Music producer)
Matjaž Pograjc (Theatre director)
Aleksandar Popovski (Theatre and film director)
Luka Šalehar (Drummer)
Igor Vićentić (Pianist)
Sašo Vollmaier (Pianist)

Gregor Zemljič (Music producer and sound engineer)



Matjaž Pograjc (1967), theatre director. In the early nineties, Pograjc attracted the attention of theatergoers as leader of the Betontanc physical theater company. In the following years, he created a string of highly idiosyncratic plays, establishing himself as one of the most prolific and distinctive contemporary Slovene theatre directors. Currently employed at the Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana.

After attending the duet's first acoustic performance at Cankarjev dom, Pograjc entrusted Silence to score Betontanc's 8th performance, Midnight Meat Flight (2000). Since then, Silence have scored seventeen plays directed by Pograjc: Peter Pan (2001), Maison des rendez-vous (2003), Wrestling Dostoievsky (2004), Lulubaj (2004), Winnie the Pooh (2004), Peter Rabbit (2005), Show Your Face! (2006), Love Unto Death (2007), Dance or Die (2007), Lucky & Zorba (2008), For a Fistful of Shakespeare (2008), A Clockwork Orange (2009), Oliver Twist (2010), Audition for Life (2012), Alice in Wonderland (2013), Track of the World (2014) and Rok's Depth (2015).