Artists with whom, through numerous collaborations, Silence established an ongoing personal and professional relationship.


Primož Ekart (Actor, theatre director, producer)
Luka Jamnik (Keyboards)
Tomaž Pandur (Theatre director, producer)
Peter Penko (Music producer)
Matjaž Pograjc (Theatre director)
Aleksandar Popovski (Theatre and film director)
Luka Šalehar (Drummer)
Igor Vićentić (Pianist)
Sašo Vollmaier (Pianist)

Gregor Zemljič (Music producer and sound engineer)



Tomaž Pandur (1967-2016), theatre director. Graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Film and Television in Ljubljana (MDA in directing). Founder of the Slovene New Theatre Company. Director and Artistic director of The Drama of the Slovene National Theater Maribor from 1989 to 1996. Founder and Artistic director of the international theatre organization Pandur.Theaters.

Pandur's and Silence's record of joint achievements consists of twelve plays: Tesla Electric Company (2006), Barroco (2007), Caligula (2008), Hamlet (2009), Medea (2009, 2012), War and Peace (2011), Michelangelo (2013), Richard III+II (2014), Faust (2014, 2015), and King Lear (2015).

In 2008, the Pekinpah Association released The Passion of the Cold, a double album with music from (or inspired by) Barroco and Caligula. Pekinpah also released the album's full score in 2010.

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