Artists with whom, through numerous collaborations, Silence established an ongoing personal and professional relationship.


Primož Ekart (Actor, theatre director, producer)
Luka Jamnik (Keyboards)
Tomaž Pandur (Theatre director, producer)
Peter Penko (Music producer)
Matjaž Pograjc (Theatre director)
Aleksandar Popovski (Theatre and film director)
Luka Šalehar (Drummer)
Igor Vićentić (Pianist)
Sašo Vollmaier (Pianist)

Gregor Zemljič (Music producer and sound engineer)



Primož Ekart (1963), actor, theatre director and producer. Graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and TV (AGRFT) in Ljubljana in 1990. Since then he appeared in numerous theatre performances, films, TV serials, radio plays and street-theatre performances. He's been a member of the most renowned Slovene street theatre group, the Ana Monro Theatre, since 1990. Ekart is also co-founder of the Studio for the Research of the Art of Acting.

In 2006, he founded his own production house, Imaginarni. Silence and Ekart met in 2006 while working on Pandur's Tesla Electric Company. The duet scored six plays produced by Imaginarni: I Am My Own Wife (2007), Ella (2008), Blackbird (2009), Pooch, Pussy & Poof (2010), Oxygen (2011) and Hotel Splendid (2012).