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February 17th 2018
As you've probably noticed, we spend the better part of our lives in a state of confusion. We teeter through a mindfield of delicate choices, stuggling to find our way, plagued by uncertainty. In a way, being lost is our most familiar environment, our permanent address - our home, so to speak.

We present A Tourist's Guide to Feeling Lost, a musical travelogue that will help you stumble around in the dark with style. Enjoy landmarks and selfie spots while careering off course. Catch some sun on the slopes of your mounting insecurities. Savour a glass of wine among the ruins of your confidence.

A Tourist's Guide to Feeling Lost, Silence's new concert repertoire, is to be presented on April 24at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. 15 compositions - several of which are to be performed live for the first time - have been rearranged for the occasion. The duet will be accompanied by keyboardist Petra Vidmar and pianist Igor Vićentić.

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Saša Pavlin Stošić and Mia Skrbinac. Photo: Peter Uhan


January 27th 2018
Jan Krmelj's new play, Grenki sadeži pravice (The Bitter Fruits of Justice), features an original score by Silence. Based on Milan Jesih's same-titled drama, the staging explores the intricacies of language. The latter can be described as a highly sophisticated tool that enables us to misunderstand each other more complexly. The play opens tonight at SNT Drama Ljubljana.

The score includes three songs based on poems by Milan Jesih and Osip Mandelstam. Listen to the songs at


December 23rd 2017
On December 22, Silence performed at the State Celebration of the Slovene Independence and Unity Day. The event's artistic program - entitled 'Fine-Tuning, Concerto for a Two-Million Piece Orchestra' - was conceived and directed by the duet. The event featured a formal address by Dr. Miro Cerar, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.

The duet performed with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, conductor Tomislav Fačini, cellist Igor Mitrović, pianist Igor Vićentić, thereminist and keyboardist Petra Vidmar, and Nik Škrlec, the Slovene record holder for reciting digits of pi. The performance - a synthesis of culture and science - featured two short films: 'Utopia by Design' by Simon Bregar, Eva Garibaldi, Lin Gerkman, Jakob Koncut, and Tjaša Mužina (all of whom are students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana), and 'Tractus' by David Tomažič.

The performance featured six compositions. Most of the repertoire consisted of music written for Tomaž Pandur's plays. The final song ('V spomin tistemu, kar se še ni zgodilo') was written specifically for the event.

The performance featured sound design by Jure Vlahovič and Jernej Černalogar, video by Den Baruca, narration by Jure Longyka, and lighting by Zoran Najdenov.

The event was aired by RTV Slovenia. The broadcast was directed by Urška Žnidaršič.

The event, organised by the Department of State ceremonies at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, took place at Cankarjev dom's Gallus Hall in Ljubljana.

Watch the event


Eva Troha. Photo: Nejc Saje

November 9th 2017
We're happy to announce the opening of Slovenska popevka (Slovene Song), a theatrical concert directed by Matjaž Pograjc.

The performance pays homage to lyricist Gregor Strniša on the 30th anniversary of his death. Twelve songs by Strniša - some of them previously unreleased - have been set to music by Silence.

The entire score - an album's worth of unadultered electropop - has been uploaded to Silence's SoundCloud profile. The tracks feature demo vocals by Benko.

On stage, the songs are performed by the cast. The show's twenty-strong ensemble includes twelve artists with disabilities. Conceived as a music festival, the performance introduces a dose of disarming bluntness into the blinding glitter, plastic beauty and feigned smiles of mainstream culture. The result is both light-hearted and deeply moving; a boisterous party with an oddly sobering effect.

Slovenska popevka - a co-production between the Mladinsko Theatre and the Draga Training, Occupation and Care Centre - opens tonight in Ljubljana.

More information:


August 24th 2017
We're delighted to announce the premiere of Codelli, Miha Čelar's feature-length film about inventor and pioneer film-maker Anton Codelli (1875-1954). Part biopic, part documentary, Codelli offers a masterful performance by Primož Bezjak in the title role. It also features one of Silence's most elaborate soundtracks to date. The film's acted sequences, done in the style of a black-and-white silent film, feature nearly an hour of music.

Codelli's life story is typical reality. That is to say, it sounds ridiculously far-fetched. He invented the lawnmower, devised a television set with a circular screen, equipped the Austro-Hungarian navy with a ship-to-shore radio, owned the first automobile in Ljubljana, gambled the car away on the French riviera, filmed a Tarzanesque adventure movie in Togo, erected a massive antenna array in the Togolese jungle ... and destroyed the structure to prevent it falling into the hands of the advancing French army. Yet despite his remarkably cinematic life and impressive achievements, Codelli remains a relatively unknown figure.

The premiere screening is to take place on September 16 at the 20th Slovene Film Festival.

More information: (in Slovene and English)


Photo: Didier Descouens


July 22nd 2017
The duet is to give an open-air performance at the upcoming Kamfest summer festival. Make a note on your calendar: August 12th, Keršmančev park, Kamnik (SLO). Silence will provide the music. Crickets will supply the silence. Admission is free.

More information:


March 11th 2017
We're happy to announce two evenings of Selected Silences. The concerts will take place on March 18 and April 28 in Krško (SLO) and Piran (SLO).

Silence will present newly rearranged versions of songs from the duet's debut album, Ma non troppo, which has recently turned twenty. The program will also include an extensive selection of songs from Unlike a Virgin (1999), Vain (2004), and Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (2012), as well as a handful of songs from Tomaž Pandur's plays. The duet will be joined on stage by pianist Igor Vićentić.

See Events - Upcoming Concerts for details


December 9th 2016
Interestingly enough, when a plane is falling from the sky, economy and business class seats are worth exactly the same.

Dear Passengers: Človeški faktor (Human Error), a new play piloted by Matjaž Pograjc, is ready for takeoff. Conceived as an airport lounge, press conference and flight simulator, Human Error offers a flight that is firmly grounded in reality (the play is based on actual airline accidents). You're in for a bumpy but memorable experience - after all, when it comes to journeys, there's nothing more unexciting than reaching your destination as planned.

The first flight departs on Monday, December 12 at the Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana (SLO). Additional flights are to take off on December 13, 14, 17, and 18. More information:


The flights will feature a wide range of on-board entertainment, including music by Silence.

Listen to/download the score


Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


October 2nd 2016
We live in a peculiar world. A world where peacekeepers drop bombs ... where governments make it easier to fire people in order to reduce unemployment ... where being economical is bad for the economy ... and where Silence gives concerts.

To be fair though, the latter happens pretty rarely. The next occurrence is to take place on Wednesday, October 26 at Sokolski dom in Škofja Loka (SLO). Silence and pianist Igor Vićentić will perform an extensive selection of songs that encompass the duet's 20-year career. Silence's four studio albums - Ma non troppo (1997), Unlike a Virgin (1999), Vain (2004) and Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (2012) - will provide the bulk of the repertoire. The concert will also feature works from Matjaž Pograjc's and Tomaž Pandur's plays, as well as a few Korean songs. The latter were rearranged for last year's concert with Laibach in North Korea.

Ticket booking:


Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


September 18th 2016
Colm Tóibín's The Testament of Mary is an intriguing read. As it turns out, there is no greater tragedy for a mother than having your kid hailed as a living god.

Re-baptised as Brezmadežna (Immaculata), Tóibín's monodrama was to be Tomaž Pandur's next project. After the director's death in April, SNT Drama Maribor entrusted the realisation of the play to Pandur's sister and long-time dramaturge, Livija Pandur. Conceived as a tribute to the late director, the staging boasts a mesmerising performance by Nataša Matjašec Rošker.

As you may have suspected, the play also features a score by Silence. Brezmadežna opens on Friday, September 23 at the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor (SLO).

For more information, see Events-Related


Pia Zemljič in Nightlife.


June 14th 2016
Everyone has secrets. Unfortunately, the term 'everyone' has a nasty tendency to include the people we live with. We present Nightlife, director Damjan Kozole's exquisitely disturbing ninth feature.

The premiere screening is to take place at the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The film marks the third collaboration between the director and Silence.

Watch the trailer

Listen to 'Nightlife' at


March 29th 2016
They're here! The barbarians are among us! They're invading our homes, disrupting our lives, wrecking the economy, breaking laws, causing conflicts and misery ... and dancing in a silly fashion. We are, of course, talking about politicians.

We must build a great wall of irony around us, lest they drive us mad. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to provide some building material: we present Strange in a Strange Way, or, as we lovingly refer to it, the Disco Politico.

Listen to the song

The song is available on Bandcamp



Tosja Tič. Photo: Peter Giodani


February 2nd 2016
Trying to occupy a country by force is risky business. Firstly, you may suffer a humiliating defeat. Worse still, you may succeed. History is, after all, full of invaders who found themselves in over their heads after they had won.

A similar fate befalls the English army in Dunsinane, David Greig's acclaimed drama about the battle of Dunsinane and its turbulent aftermath. The play depicts England's futile attempts to master feuding Scottish clans. The dramatisation, an allegory of recent military interventions in the Middle East, makes it quite clear: avoid attacking people, they may be nuttier than you are.

Dunsinane marks the fourth collaboration between director Aleksandar Popovski and Silence. The play opens on February 6 at the Ljubljana City Theatre.

Listen to 'Dunsinane Hill' on Silence's SoundCloud profile

For more information about the play, see Events-Related


December 26th 2015
Declarations of war, armed men and barbed wires ... Sadly, Europe is becoming a rather gloomy place. On a brighter note, the old continent is once again the perfect backdrop for the world's most popular musical.


And who better to counter militancy with schnitzels, crisp apple strudels and whiskers on kittens ... than Laibach? The band's Sound of Music Tour is to kick off in Nuremberg (DE) on January 13. The program will include six songs from the musical, which have been rearranged by Silence.

What's more, Benko is to appear as guest at the following venues:
Hirsch, Nuremberg (January 13)
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (January 14)
Palaise des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (February 9)
Theater Tilburg Concertzaal, Tilburg (April 10)
The Forum, London (April 12)

For ulterior information and online ticket booking, see


Photo: Matjaž Tančič


November 3rd 2015

The duet is to give a full-length concert at the opening of 3DPRK, an exhibition of photographs by Matjaž Tančič.

Tančič - the winner of the 3D Award of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards - is to present captivating 3D portraits of North Korean citizens. The exhibition opens on Friday, November 20 at the Škrlovec tower in Kranj (SLO). Laibach member Ivan Novak is to appear as guest speaker.

Assisted by pianist Igor Vićentić, Silence will perform an extensive selection of older and recent works. The latter will include adaptations of popular North Korean songs, which were performed by Laibach and Silence during their recent stopover in Pyongyang. 130 tickets are available; advance booking is recommended.

More information:


Primož Bezjak as Rok Petrovič. Photo: Nejc Saje


October 16th 2015
It takes more than talent and persistence to become an exceptional skier. One needs ingeniousness, a touch of madness ... and, above all, a pair of flippers. Matjaž Pograjc's new play, Rokova modrina (Rok's Depth), depicts the life of alpine ski racer and freediver Rok Petrovič. Petrovič's skiing career was brief and extraordinary, as was his life (he drowned in 1993 at the age of 27). He won the World Cup slalom title in 1986, but ended his career soon after. Which is only logical. After all, nothing derails an athlete's pursuit of excellence quite as effectively as victories and fame.

The play features an original score by Silence. The play opens on Saturday, October 17 at the Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana (SLO).

For more information, see Events-Related
Visit Silence's SoundCloud profile and listen to three tracks from Rok's Depth


Branko Šturbej as Mephistopheles. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


September 18th 2015
Mephistopheles - that is to say, the devil himself - is moving to Silence's home town Ljubljana. What's more, Mrs. Mephistopheles and their two delightfully disturbing children are tagging along.

Tomaž Pandur's unconventional rendition of Goethe's Faust, which opened less than a year ago at the Centro Dramático Nacional in Madrid, is to be restaged by the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana.

The new (but no less diabolical) cast is led by Igor Samobor and Branko Šturbej. The creative team features the usual suspects: Sven Jonke (set design), Dorian Kolundžija (visuals), Felype de Lima (costumes), Livija Pandur (author of adaptation/dramaturge), and Silence.

The new staging opens on Monday, September 21. Three performances are to take place at the Križanke open air theatre. After that, the production will move to the nearby SNT Drama Ljubljana.

More information: (in Slovene and English)



July 23rd 2015
Here's some additional information on Laibach's upcoming North Korean Liberation Day Tour. As you know, Laibach is to become the first foreign band to perform in North Korea, the notoriously cloistered, self-reliant state. Two performances are to take place at the Kim Won Gyun conservatory in Pyongyang on August 19 and 20. The concerts will form part of Liberation Day, a rally that marks the country's liberation from colonial rule.


Silence have rearranged seven songs for the occasion. Four songs (Do-Re-Mi, Climb Ev'ry Mountain, The Sound of Music and Edelweiss) are from The Sound of Music, the renowned musical and equally successful 1965 film. The remaining three songs (Arirang, We Will Go to Mount Paektu and Honourable: Alive or Dear When Following the Path of the Revolution) are adaptations of well known Korean tunes.


Silence will join the expedition. Hladnik will supervise the execution of the new songs, whereas Benko will appear as guest vocalist in Arirang, Climb Ev'ry Mountain, The Sound of Music and Honourable. Benko will also perform Warszawskie dzieci and Slovania from 1 VIII 1944 Warszawa (2014) and Volk (2006), Laibach's and Silence's erstwhile collaborations. The concerts will feature nine additional guest performers, all of whom are students of the Pyongyang conservatory. The program will also include songs from Laibach's latest album, Spectre, as well as a selection of the band's best-known songs.

The tour is to become the subject of a documentary film. The latter is to be released in 2016.




June 14th 2015
The latest collaboration between Laibach and Silence is breaking new ground. Quite literally: Laibach is to perform a selection of musical standards (rearranged by Silence) in North Korea. The performances will take place in Pyongyang on August 19 and 20. Laibach is thus to become the first foreign band to perform in the notoriously reclusive state. Silence will be part of the delegation; the duet will join Laibach on stage. The so-called Liberation Day Tour will mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean peninsula's liberation from Japanese rule.

Some of the information listed above may seem scarcely credible, but remember: no self-respecting propaganda would allow itself to sound as nutty as the truth.

More information to follow shortly.



May 5th 2015


Are you by any chance planning a trip to Metliška Koupa? If so, a word of warning: on May 30th, Koupa's idyllic vista (lush meadows interspersed with majestic poplars and willows, river Kolpa shimmering in the background) is to be partially blocked ... by two concert pianos, a few synthesizers, pianist Igor Vićentić and Silence. What's more, the musicians have every intention of using their instruments. We recommend attending the performance and teaching the musicians a lesson in civility ... by blocking their view.

The duet is to perform a selection of songs for two pianos and voice. The program will include songs from Silence's latest album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World, a selection of older songs and a handful of seldom performed theatre works. The concert is most likely to be Silence's only appearance in 2015.

More information and ticket booking


George Kimoulis as King Lear


April 10th 2015
For years now, Greeks have been forced to endure a rather grim situation. We're happy to announce that they're in for a more enjoyable kind of drama.

Vasilias Lir (King Lear), Tomaž Pandur's new play, opens on Thursday at Peiraios 260 in Athens. 16 performances are to take place between April 16th and May 3rd. One of the most prominent figures in contemporary Greek theatre, George Kimoulis, plays the title role. The staging features scenography by Sven Jonke, costumes by Felype de Lima, visuals by Dorijan Kolundžija, lighting by Juan Gómez-Cornejo and an original score by Silence.

More information and online ticket booking: (in Greek)

Listen to four tracks from King Lear


Little Branko in action. Photo: Matevž Rudl


February 1st 2015

We thought Little Branko's troubles with authorities and severe identity crises were over, a thing of the past. Happily enough, we were wrong: two performances of Show Your Face! - the longest-running play with music by Silence - are to take place at the Old Power Station in Ljubljana (SLO) on February 6 and 7. After that, Little Branko will depart for France. Two performances are to be held - on February 10 and 11 - at the Scènes d'Europe Festival in Reims.

The score is performed live by saxophonist Uģis Vītiņš and Silence.

More information: (in Slovene and English) (in French)


Photo: Jože Suhadolnik


January 17th 2015
Dear Survivors, how time flies! Most of us can scarcely remember surviving the end of the world. And yet, less than a year ago, we celebrated our good fortune ... at the First End of the World Survivors Meeting. The concert, recorded on January 27 2014, can be viewed online at RTV Slovenia's Multimedia Centre.

For more information about the concert, see The Vault


Photo: Peter Uhan

November 27th 2014

Are you seeking refuge from the remorseless optimism of December festivities? The Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana offers a unique solution: you're cordially invited to enjoy the silence between performances.

The first public break between shows is to take place on Sunday, December 28 at 19h on Drama's Main Stage. You're in for an hour of carefully arranged silence: assisted by pianist Igor Vićentić, Silence will perform 14 songs written for theatre. The program - an obvious choice, considering the venue - will include music from plays by Gagik Ismailian, Tomaž Pandur, Matjaž Pograjc ...

Avoid being surprised by the beginning of the theatre performance: be punctual.

More information: (in Slovene)
Online ticket booking: (in Slovene and English)


Emilio Gavira in Fausto. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


November 19th 2014

Hladnik and Benko have spent the better part of the last three months consorting with a shady character. Don't worry, they've chosen the finest of bad companies (it's important to have standards). Silence's latest theatre project, Fausto, provided the perfect opportunity to play with the devil. Not just any devil, mind you, but Mephistopheles, the legendary perverter whose beguiling of Faust inspired the likes of Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hector Berlioz, István Szabó, Charles Gounod and Modest Mussorgsky (to name but a few). Unfortunately though, while Silence was gazing into the abyss, Mephistopheles gazed into Silence. The poor devil.

Fausto, the tenth collaboration between director Tomaž Pandur and Silence, opens on Friday, November 21 at the Teatro Valle-Inclán in Madrid (E). 55 performances are to take place between November 22 and January 11 2015. The play, produced by Centro Dramático Nacional, features Manuel Castillo, Víctor Clavijo, Roberto Enríquez, Alberto Frías, Emilio Gavira, Aarón Lobato, Rubén Mascato, Pablo Rivero, Marina Salas and Ana Wagener.

Visit Silence's SoundCloud profile and listen to In der Bach Manier from Fausto.

For more information about the play, see (in Spanish, English, Catalan and Basque)



July 13th 2014
Laibach's new EP, 1 VIII 1944 Warszawa, features reinterpretations of three famous songs from World War 2: Warszawskie Dzieci (Warsaw Children), Zog Nit Keyn Mol (Never Say) and Macht Dir Nichts Daraus (Do Not Worry). Commissioned by the Polish National Centre for Culture and funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the project commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

Warszawskie Dzieci and Zog Nit Keyn Mol were rearranged and produced by Silence. Benko appears as guest vocalist on both tracks. It's hardly an overstatement to describe these songs as unique. After all, it's not as if Benko sings in Polish and Yiddish every day.

This is the second collaboration between Laibach and Silence since Volk. The first live presentation of the new songs is to take place on October 24th in Lodz, Poland.

For further information, see and Discography


Betontanc. Photo: Jure Vlahovič


June 21st 2014
There's nothing pedestrian about Betontanc's new play, Pista sveta (Track of the World). This time, Betontanc performs its magic on bikes ... in what can only be described as a pocket velodrome. The artists race at breakneck speeds and generally act as if they were on performance-enhancing drugs. Is it because Lance Armstrong's story served as inspiration for the play? Perhaps. But let's be honest: the members of Betontanc don't need excuses to live dangerously. The score includes a selection of previously unreleased tracks by Silence. Track of the World opens on June 26th in Ljubljana (SLO). For more information, see (in Slovene and English)


Tomaž Pandur directs the cast of Richard III+II. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


March 24th 2014
Would you like to spend an evening in the company of kings? In Richard III+II, Tomaž Pandur's new play, four kings from different plays by Shakespeare meet after their literary deaths. Even when facing the aftermath of something as inconvenient as death, the kings conduct themselves in a manner befitting nobility. In other words, they're ruthless, power-hungry and as impeccably dressed as always. The play, which opens on April 5th at the SNG Drama Ljubljana, features an original score by Silence. For further information, see The Vault and Events - Related.


March 9th 2014
Musical ensemble with twenty years of survival experience offers live musical accompaniment for all types of disasters, be it man-made or natural. Whether you're a government facing an environmental or economic catastrophe (or both), an autocrat grappling with an uprising, an IMF official imposing austerity measures or a Bond villain indulging in good old mass destruction, our services are tailor-made for you. Payment in advance (for obvious reasons).

You're cordially invited to the Concert for the End of the World, a public presentation of our services. The event will take place on May 15th at the Siti Teater in Ljubljana (SLO). We recommend securing your tickets in advance.

For further information, see Events - Upcoming Concerts.


February 22nd 2014
The oldest preserved wheel is turning 5201 this year. Despite its venerable age, the old hoop is remarkably spry: besides being the star of a major exhibition at the City Museum of Ljubljana, the old-timer is now starting a career in television. Marko Kočevar's and Maja Bahar's documentary about the wheel, Odiseja 5200, is set to premiere tonight at 21.45 on Slovene National TV. The film was scored by Silence.

Watch the film (in Slovene)


January 5th 2014
Matjaž Pograjc's staging of Alice in Wonderland was, as you know, scheduled to open in October. Unfortunately, the opening had to be canceled due to the White Rabbit's absence (he is, after all, always late). The reason for his non-appearance, a tricky knee injury, led to the cancellation of all scheduled performances. The play has been on hold ever since.

The wait, however, is at an end: seven performances of Alice in Wonderland are to take place at the Maribor Puppet Theatre between January 14 and 18. The play is to open at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in February. Alice in Wonderland features an original score by Silence. The entire score - as well as a detailed account of Silence's adventures in Wonderland - can be found at


For further information, see The Vault and Events - Related.


Photo: Joze Suhadolnik


November 13th 2013
You are cordially invited to the very first End of the World Survivors Meeting: a special musical event dedicated to the fortunate ones ... and the poor devils who survived (let's face it, the end of the world wasn't half as bad as the current economy).

Silence once again joins forces with conductor Tomsilav Fačini, pianist Igor Vićentić, and the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. The concert will be held in Cankarjev dom's Gallus Hall in Ljubljana (SLO) on Monday, January 27, 2014. We'd like to attribute the rather large venue to Silence's growing popularity. The truth, however, is that the end of the world has had a fairly high survival rate.

This will be the second live performance of the expanded, orchestrated version of Silence's latest album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World. The first performance, which took place a year ago at Cankarjev dom, was voted "Pop/Rock Concert of the Year" by Slovenia's Delo newspaper. The upcoming concert will also feature a broad selection of older works.

Tickets can be pre-ordered online from and



Photo: Matevz Rudl

October 11th 2013
Matjaz Pograjc's play Show Your Face! continues its successful, seven-year run. Not bad for a bunch of actors and musicians who are regularly upstaged by a child's snowsuit.

The play - conceived and masterfully performed by two combined artistic groups, Umka and Betontanc - has been invited to the 18th Theatre Confrontations Festival in Lublin. A single performance is to take place on Thursday, October 17th. The play features a score by Silence, performed live by saxophonist Ugis Vitins and the duet.

For further information, see The Vault and Events - Related.


A scene from Barbara Zemljič's short film Pravica ljubiti (The Right to Love)

August 24th 2013
The upcoming 16th Slovene Film Festival in Portoroz will feature four films with music by Silence.

We're happy to announce the eagerly anticipated premiere of Damjan Kozole's full-length documentary about Ulay, "the world's least known well-known artist". The film - recently renamed Project Cancer - will be screened on September 12th. A second screening is to take place a few hours later at Kino Šiška in Ljubljana. A track from Project Cancer has been uploaded onto Silence's SoundCloud profile.

Primož Ekart, with whom Silence collaborated on numerous theatre projects, has added the epithet "filmmaker" to his résumé. His directorial debut Prihodi odhodi (Arrivals Departures) is to be screened on September 14th. This poetic, beautifully shot short film makes it perfectly clear: taking a flight to Promised Land is the most reliable way to experience a crash landing.

The remaining two films are to be shown on September 15th. We've recently presented the first one, Trenutek vročice (Moment of Fever), a short dance film by Svetlana Dramlić and the M&N Dance Company. Trenutek vročice will be followed by Pravica ljubiti (The Right to Love), a short film by Barbara Zemljič. The latter proves that tragedies can reunite families. However, nothing disunites a family quite as effectively as a family reunion.

For more information, see (in Slovene and English)


July 8th 2013
Dear all, we give you Michelangelo: the man who turned the end of the world into a job... and a masterpiece. Thanks to his efforts, selling tickets for the Last Judgement is now considered a highly respectable business. Michelangelo, Tomaž Pandur's new play, opens on Friday, July 12th at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni in Udine (IT). Inspired by Miroslav Krleža's drama Michelangelo Buonarroti, the play offers two compelling hours in the company of the Renaissance master. The play, produced by Mittelfest, Pandur.Theaters and the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, features an original score by Silence. For further information and sound samples, see The Vault and Events - Related.


Are you tired of facing natural disasters, terrorist acts, nuclear meltdowns and stock market crashes blissfully unprepared? If so, we recommend purchasing Silence's new album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (Songs for Two Pianos, Tactful Synths and Voice). This assorted collection of soothing and delightfully diverting songs is guaranteed to prevent upcoming disasters from ruining your day. Everything looks better with music; why should the end of the world be an exception? Don't hesitate, order now - tomorrow might be too late.

The CD comes in a hardy tin case, designed to withstand all types of disasters (except, perhaps, the lack of appreciation for irreverent humour). The box also contains a 16-page booklet with full lyrics and artwork.

The record is available as a download at

Find out more about the album in the Discography section.

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